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I Translate is an easy-to-use translation piece of software
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I Translate is easy-to-use translation software. This program’s main advantage does not lie in a sophisticated interface with lots of options, but on its simplicity. The interface is very similar to common web-based translation services, so if you have used Google Translation, you will find no difficulty at all in using this software. There is only one thing you have to, choose the target language for your translation, because the software is able to recognize the source language. Only in case the application fails to do so, you must define the source language.
Sometimes what is an advantage for some people may turn out a limitation for others. This is the case of this application. On one hand, it makes use of an Internet-based translation service. These services are usually designed using artificial intelligence, which means that they can actually learn from the users’ suggestions. Consequently, their users benefit from this learning capacity. On the other hand, this software will not work offline, which is a big disadvantage for people who do not have round-the-clock access to the Internet.
Another disadvantage is that you cannot interact with the translated text. Most modern translation software allow you to change the position of the words or select more appropriate meanings from a list, but I Translate does not.
The software can process texts of any length and complexity, supporting translation between 37 major languages.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use


  • It cannot be used offline
  • You cannot interact with the translated version
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